when i was young
peace and love ruled my world
and every hippie had at least one flower
in her long, uncut hair
now, i am older
the petals have fallen and died
yet still i cast the seeds
of love upon the winds
and who knows
just maybe
one day, i may bloom again.


and after many moons
of drifting on the winds of life
the seeds of love fell
on the warm and fertile heart of another
so sweetly she pours
the water of love upon the flowers
the petals return, one by one
and as my heart blooms
i know, finally, how it feels
to be alive
and happiness lies in her arms.


a summer's day
the sun shimmering in a sky so blue
and you dressed in white like a goddess
from some historic myth of love
in a golden haze
flowers bloom fresh in the afternoon
perfume carried on a whisper
of warmth through your hair
fluffy white clouds
so gentle
remembering the daisies in the park